10 Sites To Promote Your Local Business
10 Sites To Promote Your Local Business

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Advertising for local and small business can be a challenge. Your business depends on it. Advertising in local newspapers and on radio and television are expensive and you can't be sure that your ROI is adequate for your marketing budget.

That's why small businesses are using free social media outlets to call attention to their wares. It's not only local business that's using social media, though. Local business is using it as well. It works for just about anyone. If done right, you can cause a viral stir among the millions of users, drawing the wanted attention to your products or services.

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With the advent of the internet you may find yourself being asked by someone a thousand miles away to ship your products to them. You need a website on which to sell your products, and the use of social media to promote them. You can add shipping to your provided services if you wish, or you can remain strictly local. It's up to you. The key is the flexibility the internet provides.

The preferred social media outlet among internet savvy small business owners is Facebook. According to a recent survey done by Merchant Circle, as many as 70% of small businesses in America are using it. Google came in second and Twitter rounds out the trio with 40%.

The users who are tech savvy have found the obvious advantages in using free social media. There is a whole world of small and local business, however, that aren't using it. In fact, some are attempting to use the social media sites, but without the expertise of SEO gurus or their own internet marketing skills, it can't be nearly as effective as it is for those who know how to use it.

A good local Facebook page is useful in reaching out to the community in which you live and do business. If you are a restaurant, for example, you can list your weekly menu, your entertainment schedule, and your specials. Create a blog and expand on those items to include stories about the entertainers or the backgrounds of special menus or events you are planning.

If you are one of the small or local businesses that would like to get in on the marketing frenzy that's occurring on the internet today, increase your business volume by making yourself more available to those in your area, other parts of the country, or even the rest of the world. Many struggling local businesses have managed to stay afloat during these tough economic times by offering shipping or services to those outside of their local markets.

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