SuperOne Online Gaming Platform
SuperOne Online Gaming Platform

SuperOne is a gaming company that is on a mission to become a market leader in gaming, technology and entertainment.

SupeOne want to create rewarding gaming experiences that will thrive in a fast-growing global market.

The Company was founded in 2013 by the Norwegian entrepreneur and investor Andreas Christensen with the objective of creating a new and profoundly rewarding generation of games that capitalise on the growing trend of visual communication in mobile technology.

The focus of SuperOne is to provide a highly engaging, differentiated entertainment experience where the combination of challenge and progress results in real rewards.

Many games are free to play, while players also can purchase tickets to access premium skill based tournaments, where they compete against each other for travel, money and other prizes and rewards.

They have put the long-term retention of players at the heart of our business model.

While players can enjoy games for free, SuperOne generates the majority of their revenue by selling tickets that are used to access prize tournaments to a subset of players who wish to enhance their entertainment experience.

SuperOne believe that targeting a modest share customers’ entertainment spend drives game longevity and customer loyalty, and is the most effective way of building a sustainable business over the long term.

The unique blockchain gaming and networking platform of SuperOne combines precision-engineered crypto games with unlimited network power. With an innovative and rewarding business model, players enjoy direct ownership and instant direct to wallet game and network reward.


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